RETAIL: Goalposts & Grandstands


From mini-posts for junior enthusiasts to 5/7/9- and 11-a-side posts for school and club play, our posts are manufactured from superior quality steel and high tensile netting. 

We realise that transportation is a major problem - especially with senior goalpost sets.  That is why all our sets are available in a collapsible version, thus omitting the need for a flatbed truck to move posts.  By using our sleeved crossbar system we make transportation possible with even a medium-sized bakkie.

Nets come in white, red, royal blue, yellow, black and green.  Standard post frame colour is white, but alternate colours can be requested (at an additional cost). 


5/7-A-Side                                                                4m wide x 1.8m high

9-A-Side                                                                   6m wide x 2m high

11-A-Side                                                                 7.32m wide x 2.44m high


Any other dimensions can be made to your specifications and requirements. 

Please contact us for a quotation: